Every few years, new talent comes to the fore in the sport of cricket. Ishaan Kishan from India and Cameron Green from Australia are two promising young players who are creating waves in the cricketing globe in the current era. Both athletes have had significant career success thus far, and they appear to have a promising future. In this piece, we’ll examine these two up-and-comers more closely and contrast their performances.

Ishaan Kishan vs Cameron Green .

Ishaan Kishan vs Cameron Green

Indian left-handed wicketkeeper-batsman Ishaan Kishan is from the state of Jharkhand. In 2021, he made his cricket team debut for India, and since then, he has been a consistent member of the group. Kishan is well-known for his aggressive batting style and for his propensity for hitting the ball far and hard. He has taken some incredible catches behind the stumps and is an excellent wicketkeeper as well.

The Australian all-rounder Cameron Green, on the other hand, is from Western Australia. He made his Australian cricket team debut in 2020, and since then, he has demonstrated the ability to develop into one of the top all-rounders in the world. Green is a large, strong hitter who can bowl at a medium pace. In first-class cricket, he has already scored a century and taken several wickets with his bowling.

These two young players have both had strong starts to their careers, as evidenced by a comparison of their performances. In his six T20I matches so far for India, Kishan has amassed 141 runs at an average of 35.25 and a strike rate of 147.91. Four catches have been made behind the stumps by him as well. With a best score of 84, Green has participated in six Test matches for Australia and has amassed 234 runs at an average of 29.25. Moreover, he has nine wickets at a 42.44 average.

cameron green vs ishaan kishan

The cricketers on the Bangladesh National Under-19 Team

Given that they play in different game genres, it is challenging to directly compare the performances of these two players, but it is obvious that they are both incredibly gifted. They’ve already demonstrated their ability to compete at the greatest level in the sport, and they’re probably going to get better over time. It will be fascinating to follow their professional development and observe how they influence the direction of the sport.

The fact that Kishan and Green are still extremely young and have lots of time to hone their abilities and realise their full potential makes this fight between them one of the most fascinating parts of all. Green is 22 years old, while Kishan is only 23. This indicates that both players have a significant amount of cricket left to play, and we may anticipate them to accomplish much more in the future.

The fact that Kishan and Green play quite different roles in their respective teams adds another fascinating dimension to this comparison. Unlike Green, who is an all-around player who can contribute with both the bat and the ball, Kishan is predominantly a wicketkeeper-batsman. This implies that they are assessed according to various standards, and their performances are assessed in various ways.

Nonetheless, despite these distinctions, Kishan and Green share certain similarities. Both athletes have a reputation for playing aggressively and aggressively. They are not hesitant to take chances, and their bats have the power to alter the outcome of a game. Furthermore, Kishan and Green both possess exceptional fielding skills, and throughout their careers thus far, they have made some incredible catches.

cameron green

Overall, the conflict between Ishaan Kishan and Cameron Green looks to be thrilling and unpredictable. Both athletes have tremendous talent and have already proven they can compete at the highest level of the game. It will be fascinating to watch how they compete against one another and how they influence the future of cricket as they continue to hone their abilities and get more experience.


1 What is the highest score of Ishan in IPL?

ans. In his 75 IPL games, Ishan Kishan amassed 1870 runs across 70 innings. IPL player Ishan Kishan’s highest score is 99.

2 What is Ishan Kishan’s highest T20 run?

ans. Ishan Kishan has a T20 highest score of 93. I Kishan has five 30+ and four 20+ T20 runs, six T20 half centuries, and zero T20 centuries. In 673 T20 balls, I Kishan has a strike rate of 120.5 and an average of 27.03. Ishan Kishan scored a total of 117 boundaries in T20, including 84 fours and 33 sixes.

3 What is cricketer Ishan Kishan’s record?

ans. In a One Day International (ODI) game against Bangladesh in December 2022, he hit 210 runs in 131 balls, making him the youngest and fastest player to score an ODI double century as well as the first to convert a first-ever ODI century into a double century.