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Is IPL available on Dream11?

ipl fantasy

ipl fantasy

Play Fantasy League IPL T20 with over a billion users on Dream11. Participate in the TATA IPL action. Make your dream team right now!

2023 IPL Fantasy League Users can digitally assemble their own playing XI side to compete against other users in this virtual game.

These Fantasy Leagues have integrated into cricket during the past few years. Making your own squad based on recent player performances has become commonplace for cricket fans, whether they are playing in domestic T20 tournaments like the IPL and Big Bash or even international cricket matches.

The IPL Fantasy League is where all cricket enthusiasts and experts create their own IPL predictions and join in on the action as it happens.

It’s harder than you might imagine to win at fantasy cricket. By choosing a few active players, you will be successful. To win big, though, you need more than just chance, therefore you cannot heavily rely on it.

In order to maximise your fantasy point total for each game, you must choose the best starting XI of players for that particular match.

What are the IPL Fantasy League platforms?

There are numerous websites that advertise the fantasy league, even though the IPL official site provides an authenticated platform to participate after partnering with Dream11.

How do I sign up for the 2024 Dream11 IPL Fantasy League?

Despite the fact that there are many platforms on which to play the IPL Fantasy League, “Dream11 IPL Fantasy League” is one of the most popular in cricket. The steps for signing up for the Dream11 IPL Fantasy League are as follows.

  1. Access the Dream11 IPL Fantasy page.
  2. You can sign up by providing a valid email address and creating a password, or you can click “Instant Connect with Facebook” or “Instant Connect with Google” to sign up using your Facebook or Google accounts, respectively.
  3. After completing the registration process, you may use the straightforward startup guide to create your Dream11 IPL Fantasy Cricket Team and then sign up for contests to earn sponsored prizes.
  4. Your full name and mobile number can be updated or modified after you establish an account. Also, you can change your state, residence, and date of birth. You should keep in mind that once chosen, the team name and registered email address cannot be modified.

Is there an IPL fantasy league?

2024 IPL Fantasy League Users can digitally assemble their own playing XI side to compete against other users in this virtual game. The Fantasy League has integrated itself into cricket over the past few years.

Do sites offer IPL fantasy league?

You must register with the official fantasy page in order to play IPL fantasy. Signing up is simple and cost-free. You can then select a username and a team name, and you’re ready to go. The core structure is the same as the IPL auctions, where you are given a 100 budget cap.

Is Fantasy League legal in India?

The Supreme Court ruled that fantasy sports are permissible since they require significant skill and judgement in August 2021. The user’s knowledge, focus, and execution are key factors in fantasy game success. As a result, fantasy cricket success is not based on chance.

Which fantasy app is safe?


Howzat is the most reliable and top fantasy app in India. The Howzat fantasy app is an online multi-gaming and fantasy sports platform that enables users to assemble virtual teams, score points based on the performance of actual players, and engage in competition with other users in different fantasy sports tournaments.

Which of Dream11 and MPL should you pick?

We will be comparing and analyzing the two platforms on certain metrics. Read on:

1.  User Base

One of the earliest and most established fantasy platforms in India was Dream11, which debuted in 2008. With 130 Million users across all platforms, Dream11 has been consistently leading the market.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Dream11 have a contract in place for Dream11 to serve as their official partner through 2022.

MPL, on the other hand, is a far more recent fantasy gaming platform that debuted in September 2018. Nonetheless, despite the fact that MPL may have been late to the fantasy cricket game, it has taken over this market. The 26th unicorn startup for 2021 has been named as MPL.

In addition to hosting more than 20 games, the MPL has over 90 million users.

2. Team composition

This mainly refers to how your squad can be assembled, including the number of bowlers, batsmen, and wicket keepers you can include.

Wicketkeepers: On your Dream11 squad as well as MPL teams, you can choose up to four wicket keepers.

1. Batsmen: You can choose 3-6 batsmen for both your MPL team and your Dream 11 team.

2. All-rounders: You can choose 1-4 all-rounders for your team in both Dream11 and MPL.

3. Bowlers: You can choose 3-6 bowlers for your squad in both Dream11 and MPL.

As a result, it is clear that the ways in which you can assemble your squad on these two platforms are identical.

3.  Point System

Dream11 has followed a consistent pattern when awarding points during games:

  • 1 point for every run, 
  • 2 points bonus for a six, 
  • 25 points for a wicket (excluding runout),
  • 8 points for a catch, etc

A slightly different point system is used by MPL:

  • 0.5 points for every run,
  • 1 point bonus for a six,
  • 10 points for a wicket (excluding runout),
  • 4 points for a catch, etc

Although the points are rated differently on the two platforms, it ultimately does not matter.