Vivo X100 AnTuTu Benchmark Beats Snapdragon 8 Gen3:The Vivo X100’s MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC, 16GB RAM, and 1TB storage seem to have contributed to its AnTuTu score of 22,49,858, according to reports. The AnTuTu score of 21,10,808 for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered OnePlus 12 is trailed by this leaked Vivo X100 result.

Vivo X100 AnTuTu Benchmark Score

The reliable performance meter for mobile devices, the AnTuTu Benchmark, had an unexpected shock in a recent turn of events inside the smartphone market. The Vivo X100 presented an unforeseen threat to the Realme GT5 Pro, which had recently taken the lead among smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor.

With its extraordinary mix of MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 flagship architecture, startling 16GB of LPDDR5T RAM, and a sizable 1TB UFS 4.0 storage, the Vivo X100, in especially the V2309A variant, sprang into the spotlight. With this setup—often referred to as the “Iron Triangle”—the Vivo X100 AnTuTu Benchmark scored an incredible 2,249,858 points overall.

Vivo X100 AnTuTu Benchmark Prowess

The breakdown of this result is interesting: the GPU earned an astounding 918,790, while the CPU portion received a respectable 518,632 points. With 474,036 points, the memory (MEM) sector scored significantly more than the user experience (UX), which managed a respectable 338,400 points.

With its Dimensity 9300-powered performance, the Vivo X100 narrowly defeated the Realme GT5 Pro with a Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip, a notable accomplishment for MediaTek in the competition for high-end smartphone processors.

AnTuTu Benchmark for the Vivo X100 shows that every section performs at a very high level, in line with the latest generation of flagship devices. The MEM section, on the other hand, really shines brilliantly, earning about 100,000 more points than earlier flagship models with comparable storage capacities. The Vivo X100’s comparatively high total score may be explained by its outstanding performance.

The Vivo X100 series’ impending arrival is hinted at by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300’s official release date of November 6, which makes this even more fascinating. There is a noticeable sense of excitement among smartphone fans for this latest product.

The Vivo X100 AnTuTu Benchmark win, with its Dimensity 9300, massive RAM, and UFS 4.0 storage configuration, marks a hopeful leap for MediaTek and suggests a new era of high-performance smartphones as the smartphone rivalry heats up. The Vivo X100 series is about to make waves in the smartphone industry and pique interest among tech enthusiasts and customers everywhere.