Apple has great hopes for the premium iPhone 15 Pro Max that will be released in a month. The Cupertino-based corporation anticipates that the high-end phone would make up about 35 to 40 percent of initial iPhone 15 series shipments, according to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The amount of iPhone 14 Pro Max devices shipped at launch last year would be 10–20% greater than that.

If all goes as planned, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple’s priciest model, will have the biggest market share out of the four new models that will be unveiled in September.

Apple saves its most costly gadgets for the newest and finest technology, and it’s obvious that the tactic is already paying off. According to British analytics company Omdia’s Smartphone Model Market Tracker, the iPhone 14 Pro Max delivered the most smartphones in the first half of 2023.

It is anticipated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first Apple device to use a periscope-style camera system, giving the device a greater optical zoom range. A periscope system might increase the maximum optical zoom of the present iPhone 14 Pro Max to between 5 and 6 times. According to another report, the periscope system won’t reach the normal Pro tier until next year.

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Kuo estimates that the periscope’s components cost around three to four times as much as a conventional high-end camera lens system. Along with other premium features, the greater component cost may enable Apple defend a top-end price rise of at least $100.

The iPhone 15 series is anticipated to be unveiled by Apple in mid-September, maybe on the 12th. If that timeframe holds true, pre-orders would probably start a few days before the general release on September 22 of the following week.

The new phones are rumored to offer stacked battery technology, improved Apple Vision Pro integration, and USB-C connection in addition to a speedier A17 Bionic SoC on the Pro variants. The prospect of fresh color choices exists since coral and blue are thought to be this year’s new color trends.

Expected carrier offers for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

As it has done with every new iPhone generation in recent years, AT&T is likely to take $1000 off the cost of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. In its current form, the offer is for:

  • With a smartphone trade-in value of $240 or more (iPhone 8 and above), you can receive up to $1000 in bill credit.
  • Up to $700 in bill credits and trade-in values ranging from $130 to $239 for smartphones
  • Up to $350 in bill credits with trade-in values for smartphones ranging from $35 to $129

As usual, Verizon will move quickly to follow, but it is a little more restrictive with trade-ins, offering just a $1000 discount for a broken iPhone 11 Pro. As per customary, in addition to all the iPhone 15 Pro Max Verizon incentives, switchers will receive an additional $200. Typically, T-Mobile offers unlimited Magenta plans in conjunction with what those two companies are now providing.