Ravi Bishnoi ,The young Indian spinner has established a reputation for himself in the cricketing world thanks to his stellar exploits. Bishnoi is a member of the Ludhiana Cricket Academy’s (LCA) LSG (Ludhiana Super Giants) squad and is originally from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We will examine Ravi Bishnoi’s path in the LSG and his development as a cricketer in this piece.

Ravi Bishnoi

Early Life and Cricket Career

Ravi Bishnoi Childhood and Education

On September 5, 2000, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Ravi Bishnoi was born. At the age of seven, he began playing cricket. He attended Maheshwari Public School in Jodhpur for his formal education.

Earlier Cricket Career

Bishnoi began his cricket career by participating in games for the Jodhpur Cricket Academy. The judges were impressed by his impressive efforts, and he was chosen for the Rajasthan Under-16 squad. In the 2016–17 season’s Vijay Merchant Trophy, he made his team début. Bishnoi had a strong showing in the competition and ended as his team’s top wicket-taker.

Rise to Fame

Journey to LSG

Bishnoi was chosen for the Indian Under-19 squad as a result of his impressive showings in the Vijay Merchant Trophy. Later, he was chosen by the LSG squad to play in the Punjab T20 League. Bishnoi’s squad made it to the semifinals thanks to his outstanding tournament exploits.

Outstanding IPL Performance

The IPL teams were impressed by Bishnoi’s exploits in the Punjab T20 League, and the Kings XI Punjab selected him in the 2020 IPL auction. In the opening game of the campaign against the Delhi Capitals, he made his club début. In his first game, Bishnoi won Man of the Match for his outstanding spinning.

Ravi Bishnoi

debut abroad

In a T20I encounter against New Zealand in January 2020, Bishnoi made his debut for the Indian cricket squad against a foreign opponent. Bishnoi’s effort was outstanding, and he ended with figures of 1/22 in his four overs despite India losing the game.

Spin Bowling

Leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi has a distinctive spinning motion. It is challenging for batters to predict his deliveries because he bowls with a high arm action and puts many revolutions on the ball.


Bishnoi is an excellent defender in addition to being a spin bowler. On the pitch, he is fast and nimble, and throughout his career, he has made some incredible saves.

Future Plans

International Cricket

Cricket player Ravi Bishnoi is gifted and has a promising future. In the upcoming years, he is anticipated to make his impact in international cricket. He is presently a member of the Indian Under-19 team.

Career in IPL

Bishnoi has received high praise for his impressive IPL exploits, and the Kings XI Punjab squad anticipates him to play a key role going forward.


The cricket career of Ravi Bishnoi has been remarkable, and as a youthful spinner, he has shown a lot of potential. He is anticipated to have a lengthy and prosperous future in cricket as a result of his impressive showings in the Punjab T20 League and the IPL. Bishnoi’s growth as a cricketer has benefited greatly from LSG, and the school has assisted him in honing his craft and scaling new professional heights.


Is Ravi Bishnoi good bowler?

2022 was fantastic for Bishnoi. He got 16 wickets in his first year and 10 games, averaging 17.12 and 7.08 respectively, with the highest bowling figures of 4/16.

What is the salary of Ravi Bishnoi?

Currently not under central contract with the BCCI, Ravi Bishnoi receives a match pay of INR 3 lakh for each T20I encounter he participates in for India. He got INR 4 crore in the meantime to represent Lucknow Supergiants in the IPL 2022.

Where is Ravi Bishnoi house?

House of Ravi Bishnoi: The spinner is said to have a residence in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He and his family reside in this multi-story house.