grand theft auto 6 leak From a Rockstar Employee’s Son:

There are unconfirmed rumors of fresh game leaks that could have originated from the son of a Rockstar employee, only days before the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6’s debut trailer.

grand theft auto 6 leak

According to Eurogamer, there are leaks that seem to originate from TikTok that purport to display brief scenes from Grand Theft Auto 6. One of the more reliable sources for information on Rockstar games,, has revealed that “the ‘leaked’ footage appears to have come from the son of a Rockstar Games employee—a completely unexpected turn of events.”

The account went on to state that although it has not seen any proof that Rockstar removed the video, there is “fairly convincing evidence to suggest the video has come from someone related to the employee in question.”

Finally, points out that it is “possible that the photo being used as evidence is not the son of the employee, or that the source of this leak is from a third-party attempting to pose as such.”

In any case, there’s a bigger risk of anything potentially appearing online, so it could be a good idea to mute phrases like Grand Theft Auto 6 and GTA 6 on social media and exercise caution when browsing the internet.

On Tuesday, December 5 at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET, the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will be officially unveiled.

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