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Dream11 Founder Story

“Dream 11” is a cricket player in India. This page is all about the biography, net worth, and business model of Dream 11 CEO Harsh Jain.

Dream 11: What is it? Why do you constantly think about it in terms of cricket? Who is going to launch Dream 11? How did he start it, and how much money is this business worth? What is the CEO of Dream 11’s estimated annual salary?

You will learn the answers to these questions as you continue reading this text. This page contains all the information you need to know about Dream 11 and its CEO.

dream11 Founder and Ceo

Dream11 and Dream Sports are led by Harsh Jain, who also co-founded the companies. Harsh has been a lifetime supporter of Manchester United, the Mumbai Indians, and the Indian Cricket Team. He earned his engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from Columbia Business School.

After seeing little success with Google Ads, Dream 11 launched an online fantasy sports league.

It had modest support at beginning, just a few thousand dollars. However, the Dream 11 started to succeed after they offered customers the freemium game model.

The Indian Premier League now has Dream 11 as a partner.

dream11 founder net worth

In November 2021, Tiger Global, Falcon Edge, D1 Capital, Redbird Capital, DST Global, Footpath Ventures, and TPG led the most recent fundraising round that Dream 11 has access to.

It received money in the amount of $400 million in March 2021 from investors such as D1 Capital, Falcon Edge Capital, and TCV.

Additionally, it received about $1 million in Series D capital from Tencent Holdings, a Chinese conglomerate.

Unknown is the Series of financing that came before Series D. Right now, Dream 11 is thought to be worth $8 billion.

And the annual income of the Dream 11 owner is currently projected to be 4 crore. The CEO of Dream 11 now earns a yearly compensation of Rs. 4 crore instead of Rs.