canada currency rate in india, Indian rupee to Canadian dollar

canada currency rate in india

Popular CAD to INR Conversion Rates:

Canadian Dollar (CAD)Indian Rupee (INR)
1 CAD60.8495 INR
5 CAD304.2475 INR
10 CAD608.495 INR
20 CAD1216.99 INR
25 CAD1521.2375 INR
50 CAD3042.475 INR
100 CAD6084.95 INR
200 CAD12169.9 INR
250 CAD15212.375 INR
300 CAD18254.85 INR
Canadian Dollar (CAD)Indian Rupee (INR)
500 CAD30424.75 INR
1000 CAD60849.5 INR
1500 CAD91274.25 INR
2000 CAD121699 INR
3000 CAD182548.5 INR
5000 CAD304247.5 INR
10,000 CAD608495 INR
50,000 CAD3042475 INR
100,000 CAD6084950 INR
1 Million CAD60849500 INR

The Markets Insider currency converter provides an instant exchange rate from Indian rupee to Canadian dollar. At the current exchange rate, travelers to India can convert their currency. For investors buying and selling stocks on foreign stock exchanges using multiple currencies, the currency calculator is a useful tool.

Select the chosen exchange rate date to convert between Indian rupee and Canadian dollar at the current rate as well as at historical rates. By default, the date is set to today. The currency converter also displays the highest and lowest rates for the conversion of Indian rupee to Canadian dollar, as well as the closing rate from the previous day. The findings are shown in a table that is organized clearly. The Markets Insider currency calculator also provides alternative conversion rates for around 160 different foreign currencies in addition to the Indian rupee to Canadian dollar rate.

Indian rupee – Canadian dollar Currency Calculator

You have chosen to use 1 Indian rupee as the base currency and the Canadian dollar as the target currency. You may choose the preferred conversion rates for around 160 different world currencies from the two lists in the menu. You may compute past exchange rates in addition to the current rate with the currency calculator. The results are shown in a table along with the opening rate, closing rate from the previous day, and lowest and highest rates for that particular date.