After Facebook and Instagram, users of YouTube say that the video streaming website is not working. On Tuesday, March 5, users of the well-known video streaming website YouTube reported that the service was “not working.” Many users complained that they were having difficulties when trying to open the YouTube homepage. also detected the outage, indicating that YouTube complaints peaked at approximately 9 p.m.

Facebook and Instagram down

Instagram and Facebook for Meta were reportedly unavailable less than an hour ago in several regions of the world, including India., an outage tracking website, reports that tens of thousands of users were unable to access Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, which are owned by Meta Platforms.

According to the website, which tracks outages by compiling status updates from multiple sources, including users, there were over 300,000 complaints of outages for Facebook and over 47,000 incidents for Instagram.

Elon Musk said, “If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working,” in a jab at rival platforms.

Another tweet that Elon Musk published showed three penguins, which stood for Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, and honored X.status reports from a number of sources, including users.

It’s a strange coincidence that Super Tuesday falls on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. November practice run?” read a snarky comment made by X individuals that alluded to the November 2024 US presidential polls.

“Instagram and Facebook are down.” A portion of YouTube is down. X is acting erratic. Emails load incredibly slowly. All day, router problems. My download speeds have drastically decreased. Is there a widespread problem with satellites or networks? Has anyone touched the large red button?” peruse a post made by another X user on the microblogging platform.

The application programming interface for WhatsApp Business was also having problems, according to Meta’s status dashboard. On Downdetector, which analyzes outages by compiling status data from multiple sources, including users, there were almost 200 complaints of WhatsApp disruptions.

“People are experiencing difficulties using our services, as we are aware. A representative for Meta, Andy Stone, stated in a post on the X social network, “We are working on this right now.

Many users reported that they had been abruptly locked off of the social media platforms controlled by Meta, making the outage one of the most popular topics on X, the old Twitter.

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