Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the Afghanistan-Pakistan cricket rivalry. The games between these two teams have intensified as Afghanistan has grown as a cricketing nation. AFG against PAK is a rivalry that has it all, from dramatic endings to issues on and off the field. We shall go more deeply into the background and significance of this cricketing rivalry in this post.

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AFG vs PAK: The History of the Conflict

The AFG vs. PAK rivalry dates back to the 1980s, when Afghanistan was occupied by the Soviet Union. Many Afghan refugees emigrated to Pakistan, where cricket was first made popular. In 2001, Afghanistan faced Pakistan in their first-ever international game as they started to establish popularity as a cricketing nation.

The First Game and Afghanistan’s Ascent

The opening encounter between Pakistan and Afghanistan was a low-scoring contest that Pakistan won easily. But Afghanistan kept getting better, and in 2010 they made it to the ICC World Twenty20, where they once more played Pakistan. It was considerably tighter this time, with Pakistan defeating Afghanistan by only one wicket.

On-field and off-field tensions

The AFG vs PAK rivalry has seen its share of controversy throughout the years. Afghan spinner Hamid Hassan and Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi got into a heated altercation in 2013 during an Asia Cup match between the two teams. The event sparked a contentious debate between the two teams, forcing a temporary stoppage of play.

Change in schedule for Afghanistan's T20Is against Pakistan in Sharjah

The World Cup match of 2019

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup saw Afghanistan and Pakistan’s most recent match. Pakistan prevailed in a closely contested match by just three wickets. The decision to declare Afghan batsman Mohammad Nabi out lbw, which was later overturned by the umpires, soured the atmosphere of the game.

The Importance of the Rivalry Between AFG vs PAK

The rivalry between AFG and PAK has gained significance in several ways. It stands for Afghanistan’s ascent as a cricketing nation and their desire to contend at the top levels. For Pakistan, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate their superiority over a brand-new foe and demonstrate that they are still a major player in international cricket.

Future Conflicts

The AFG vs PAK rivalry will further intensify as Afghanistan’s situation becomes better. The two teams will square off in the forthcoming T20 World Cup, and both teams’ supporters will be looking forward to what looks to be yet another exciting match.


Cricket enthusiasts all around the world are fascinated by the AFG vs. PAK rivalry. The games between these two sides are often fierce and hotly contested because of their turbulent past. This competition is only likely to grow as Afghanistan continues to make progress in international cricket.

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When did Pakistan and Afghanistan play each other for the first time in cricket?

In 2001, Afghanistan and Pakistan played each other for the first time.

How many times have Afghanistan and Pakistan played each other in international cricket?

Afghanistan and Pakistan have faced each other 20 times in international cricket matches as of March 2023.

What is the significance of the AFG vs PAK rivalry?

It symbolises Afghanistan’s ascent as a cricketing nation, while for Pakistan it is an opportunity to demonstrate their superiority over a fresh foe.

What was the controversy in the 2019 World Cup clash between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Mohammad Nabi, an Afghan batsman, was given out lbw in a call that the umpires subsequently determined to be wrong.